WBJEE Sample Papers for Physics, Chemistry and Maths

WBJEE Sample Papers

WBJEE Sample Papers

Tips to solve WBJEE Sample Paper:

1. Always follow the time limit.

Competitive exams are more about solving the questions in time limit than solving the question itself. So while solving sample paper you should be taking a time limit of 20 minutes. As in WBJEE exam you will get 60 minutes to solve 60 questions. So while solving any sample question you should have a time frame of 1 minute in mind.

2. No break while Solving Sample paper.

As soon as you sit to solve sample paper you start remembering a lot of work. Once you are committed to solve sample paper stick to it. 20 minutes is not a long time and things can be done after completion of paper.

3. Analysis of Test

Analysis is important part of any preparation. Once you are done with the test. match your answers check question you have marked wrong. analyse the mistake and remember not to make it again.

BEST OF LUCK FOR WBJEE Preparation, Hope you will crack the exam with top Rank.

WBJEE Physics Sample Paper 1

WBJEE Physics Sample Paper 2

WBJEE Chemistry Sample Paper 1

WBJEE Chemistry Sample Paper 2

WBJEE Maths Sample Paper 1

WBJEE Maths Sample Paper 2

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