West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE)

Most of the students starting preparing for JEE MAINS,JEE ADVANCED,BITSAT,VITEE when they are in 11th class. Preparation for any competitive engineering exam is long and unending hard work of almost 2 years.Starting earlier has many advantages,the best is that you can mange  both school and competition very well.The sooner you start the better it is.The most important aspect of preparation is how to utilize the time properly after your board exams,almost students get one to one and a half month after their board exams ,this time is very crucial and needs to be utilized properly.

#Tip 1:

Once you have finished your board exams quickly Figure out how much time is left for the Exam date.Well the dates for WBJEE 2016 are out and the exam will be held on 17th of May 2016,it will help you to exactly estimate the left time.

Click here for WBJEE 2016 Important Dates,Exam Pattern And Counselling

#Tip 2:

Make a proper plan how you are going do this,while making the plan keep in mind it is only you who can make  the best plan for you nobody else can, we can just provide you tips on behalf of our experience but remember it is you who has to  execute the plan ,so try to make a plan that best suits you.The syllabus is so large that it becomes difficult for one to cover all prescribed topics. Thus try to emphasis more on accuracy rather than quantity.Focus on topics  which are important.

Portion of Syllabus that demand more concentration as compared to other sections are as follows:

Topic under Physics Section :

Mechanics and General Properties of matter, Electrostatics, current electricity, Modern Physics and Electromagnetic Induction are tough topics. Generally most of the questions are asked from these topics so these topics required more emphasis as compared to other one.

Topics under Chemistry Section:

For quick revision and easy revision of inorganic chemistry you can refer NCERT textbook. Physical Chemistry and quantitative analysis than organic and inorganic part.

Topics under Math Section:

Conic Section with ellipse, hyperbola, parabola and rectangular parabola. Apart from this Trigonometry, Vectors, 3D and Integral Calculus requires more attention.

#Tip 3:

Make Flashcards for all the important formula,equations ,chemical reactions ,names etc frankly speaking there is a lot of flashcard stuff to make.Once you have finished making Flash cards stick them around the place where you study or on your study table,moreover keep them between the pages of book with half out of the book and write the important formula or equation on the part of  card which is outside of the book,it will help you to quickly jump on that particular page of the book.Flash card is nothing but simply sticky paper of different colors.

#Tip 4:

Only revise don’t go for anything new.

Well this is what every expert of this field  is saying from years and this is also the same  what  every students founds ridicules,but keep in mind there is no fun of  studying any new material during last one or two month,what is more important is revision go on revising as much as possible.Well I know many students who made it to IITs only by studying H.C Verma 10 times.So it is not how many books or material you have read,whats matters is how much you can take with you when you enter the  exam hall.

It is better to read  a single book 10 times then to read 10 books single time

Revsion is very important,go for it.

#Tip 5:

Solve Previous Years Questions

Questions are repeated in WBJEE so it is essential to solve previous years questions to get idea of WBJEE PATTERN,difficulty level, number of questions etc. Try to solve these question paper in time limit to have exam like feeling.

#Tip 6:

There is no short cut to hard work. If you want success then the only thing is to work hard for it. Appearing students has to face very tough competition at every stage the only thing they can do to crack exam is hard work in a smart way.

#Tip 7:

Competitive exams test your mental toughness.Everything is in mind,success,failure,fear everything is a state of  mind,and human mind works like the branches of tree which go on splitting if you give them one positive thought the mind will return you 10 positive thoughts and  similar is the case with negative thoughts.

So believe on yourself you can crack the exam and you surely will the crack,have trust that your best in the world and you can crack it with ease,believe you have studied more,enough then what is required to crack the exam. Positive mind set is very Important.

Stay Positive

#Tip 8:

Last and the most important thing is health. Generally Students and parents become so involved in preparing well academically that they tend to forget about the physical and mental preparation required for such an exam.

Amardeep Tulla is currently pursuing B-Tech in Electronics and Communication.He is really motivated by Steve Jobs philosophy of creating great end to end products.The only thing that matters to him is Perfection.
He loves writing for different blogs ,playing video games and watching Sci-fi movies in free time.

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