Time Management While attempting JEE Main Exam

Time Management in JEE Main

Typically in a competitive exam like JEE Main or BITSAT you will find that 35-40% Paper is easy, 35-40% Paper is of average difficulty level and 20-30% Paper is difficult. In order to qualify the exam you need to score 35-40% marks and if you are able to get 65-70% marks you have performed exceptionally well. In my teaching career I have seen students who perform much below their capability only due to lack of time management during examination hours, some are unable to cope pressure, some make silly mistakes, some leave OMR Sheet black or mark it wrong. Based on my personal experience my advice is

Attempt Your Favourite Subject first. For Example if you are good in Physics attempt it first. Because it will boost your confidence in Exam and you will perform better in other subject. Attempt only those questions which you feel that can be solved in first attempt. Which means that if you are good in physics, start with physics, read question one by one and solve only those questions which appear to be easy to you. Mark questions left by you as level-2 and level-3. This way you will be able to attempt easy questions of your favourite subject.

Move to the next subject you are good atAs done in previous subject only attempt easy questions and mark other questions as level-2 and level-3

Move to third subject and do the same here.

In this way you will be able to solve questions which are easy for you. And you will be left with level-2 and level -3 questions. Start with your favourite subject and attempt level-2 questions, move to next subject and attempt level-2 and so on.

At the end attempt level- 3 Questions.

Best of Luck and Happy Preparation.

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