Recommended books for JEE Advance Preparation


Books are very important part of any preparation. They are the guiding stars which show us path in trouble.JEE Advanced is a conceptual exam which require advanced application of simple concepts. Best books for jee advanced should provide

  1.  Clarity of Concepts
  2. Application of Concepts in Different Contexts.

Books for JEE Advance Physics

  1. * Concept of Physics by H.C.Verma both for theory and numerical
  2. * Fundamental Physics by Resnick and Halliday only for theory
  3. * Physics for Joint Entrance Exam JEE Advanced by B.M.Sharma
  4. $ Understanding physics Series by D.C. Pandey
  5. # Problems in Physics by I.E.Irodov only numerical

* Marked Books are must have best books for JEE advanced

$ Marked Books are good books for JEE advanced but not compulsory

# Marked Books are only required when you have done all others and target top 200 ranks in JEE Advanced

Books for JEE Advance Chemistry

      1. Physical Chemistry (Any One)
        • Numerical Chemistry by P.Bahadur
        • Physical Chemistry by O. P. Tondon
        • Numerical Chemistry by R.C.Mukerjee
      2. Inorganic Chemistry
        • IIT Chemistry by O.P Agarwal
        • IIT Chemistry by J.D.LEE
      3. Organic Chemistry
      • Organic Chemistry-by Morrison Boyd
      • Organic Chemistry by Arihant Publication

Books for JEE Advance Maths

  1. Arihant IIT Mathematics Series by S.K.Goyal
  2. Objective Mathematics by R.D.Sharma
  3. IIT Mathematics by M.L.Khanna

You should also refer to IIT 35 Years solution for types of problems asked in IIT JEE Advance.


  • What about NCERT books?

    • NCERT Books are good for developing concepts and direct theory based questions (chemistry). You can say that NCERT is essential but not sufficient for JEE Advanced.

  • There is one more book for physics.
    I think that is really best book to practice for jee advanced.
    Sourabh sir that book is ”problems in physics” author ”abhay kumar singh”.

    Sir, u should check that book once. I hope u will like that book.

  • what to study from all these individual books to study to get an AIR-1?

    • Saurabh Shrivastava

      For Physics I can Suggest
      1. Read H C Verma Solve it completely(Thermodynamics and Modern Physics are best) atleast twice
      2. Solve B.M.Sharma Cengage Publication best for Mechanics, Electrostatics, Fluids
      3. Solve I E Irodov
      4. Join a good test series preferable FIITJEE

      and Study Really Hard.
      Best of Luck

  • sir even though its not that famous can u check ativeer publications jee TRAINER SEERIES

  • Sir should I not go for numerical from Resnick and halliday

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