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Maths JEE Preparation

Maths is considered to be toughest subject for JEE Mains. The level of questions in Maths is more than other subjects. Students can score very good marks in JEE Main Maths paper by proper planning and a lot of practice. I am giving a brief idea how a student aiming to score good in JEE Maths paper should prepare.

Time to Devote:

Preparing for jee main particularly maths require lot of practice. You need not to solve very tough problems but you need to have a good speed which can be attained only by lots of practice. Practicing requires time so most of the successful students that you should devote 2.5 to 3 hours of regular practice. If you don’t have that much time you can devote bit less but it should be regular.

Recommended Books

1. NCERT Maths books: You will find some of the jee main questions directly or with ncert for jee mainchanged data from NCERT. So you must solve all the questions in example, exercise and additional exercise without exception. Most of the students solve NCERT only once. But for JEE Main preparation you can mark some questions which you feel tricky and solve while revising for JEE.




2. NCERT Exemplar : This is yet another book having question similar to NCERT this is very helpful in the Exam.


3. Arihant JEE Main : This book is a collection of large nArihant-JEE-Main-Mathsumber of questions and most of the questions are of different type. So this book is the main practice book required for jee main. You may also use some other book for practice instead but it should have large number of questions with not so much of difficulty level. In JEE Main Maths paper test is of speed and application not of knowledge and high level concepts.




4. Previous year OBJECTIVE questions of IIT Screening and AIEEE. These questions are very helpful as concepts used in these questions may be repeated in the exam.

How to Study Maths for JEE Main

Try to grasp the concepts well focus on understanding the topic and concepts involved. Solve NCERT and Exemplar first, this will give you understanding of the topic and a little bit of speed. Now start with the Arihant Maths book for JEE Main, Solve each and every question without devoting much time. If you are not able to solve a question in 10-15 minute see the solution. Try to remember as many results as possible this will give you speed while solving question.

Try a self mock test of 1 hour with 30 question with negative marking every week.

 Easy Topics

Normally these topics asked in JEE Main are easy

  • Calculus
  • Algebra
  • Co-Ordinate Geometry
  •  3D and Vectors

You should have very good preparation of these topics and should attempt all the questions from these topics. This will help you score good even if overall paper of mathematics in JEE Main is tough

Wish you best for your preparation.



Saurabh Shrivastava is B.Tech in Computers. He mentors students preparing for JEE Main and Advanced,

He is a passionate person, who loves to read novels, watch movies and write for Dreamiit.



  • I like to study..n i really want my speed is very takes me a lot of time even to solve the simplest of questions..
    I even study till 3 or 4 at night but next morning i realize my study period was not much productive..i end up solving very less amt. if that long duration….
    n due to this i’m nt able to cope up with the class..
    the syllabus is going fast bt my speed is slow..
    PLZ HELP..

    • Hi,

      Every one is different. some learn fast some learn slow. There is nothing wrong if you are a slow learner. Being a faculty I have seen many fast learning students who loose things as fast as they gain.

      Be consistant. Work as hard as possible. Try to understand the concept behind the concept. and ask. do not hesitate to ask.

      Saurabh Shrivastava

  • Is RD Sharma good book for JEE ?

    • Objective Mathematics by R.D.Sharma is really a great book. This book provide a variety of questions for practice also the objective approach explained in the book is essential for latest pattern of JEE Main and Advanced.

      • But after doing RD Sharma I am not able to solve the previous year JEE questions,Why?

        • Are u talking about Objective Mathematics by R.D.Sharma or Text Book of Maths by R.D.Sharma

          • The second one

          • R.D.Sharma text book is not for competitions you can score good in your board exam by solving R.D.Sharma.
            As in competive exams like jee main and advanced different skill set is required you will need different books too.

            Start with R.D.Sharma Objective

  • Sir, i use ML khanna for maths. Is that a good option for cracking iit exam?

    • Saurabh Shrivastava

      M L Khanna is a very good classical book for Maths. The biggest problem is that it has not been updated as per the new pattern of JEE. good for self study but for jee main you will need some books with objective approach.

  • Hello Sir….I am jee 2017 aspirant.I am school attending student…..I use to solve each and every question of ncert of pcm and the other reference book I uses are h.c verma for physics,r.s aggarwal for maths, for chemistry my personal notes and only ncert and arihant irodovo …is it fair enough or should I focus on more book of math?????

    • Hi Devansh,solving NCERT and H.C verma for Physics are enough to score well in JEE Mains but for Maths R.s Aggarwal is a basic book used to build your concepts I will recomend you to first solve chapters from R.s agarwal along with NCERT and then move on to some other book like Arihant publications.this way you can solve all the 3 books in the same time.
      Feel free to ask more

      • plss suggest the best phy sc..maths..chem book fr jee problem is i’m frm west bengal board and did’nt kmow about the concept of cbsc board…plss help me

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