“Love What You Do”

The first thing required to crack any competitive exam is the desire to make it.Preparing for two long years is not a easy job,there are numerous occasion when you feel extremely low it is common for the most students.Handling stress two years is a hard nut to crack.No doubt there will be high times too which will boost your confidence and momentum.So generally speaking  preparation is a bumpy ride of two long years.Therefore the first thing that kicks mind is “love your work” there is no other way to study continuously for two long  years without loving your work.

The only way to do great work is to love your work…. Steve Jobs

Yes it is true the only way to do great work is to love what you do.Every time Great work does not mean to innovate or to build big Companies what it simply means is to achieve what you want to achieve.

Therefore for students who want to crack any competitive exams first need to fill themselves with the love of that and need to believe that life on the other side of exam is very beautiful,it will keep you motivated though the low times of your long preparation .

“Just believe you can do it!”

The next step is belief. Belief is a very powerful tool and can be used in every aspect of life. Defining is belief is extremely difficult but remember Belief has the power to move mountains.All the aspirants should  have complete faith on their abilities  students are advised not to doubt their abilities this has very negative impact on candidates.

Believe In Yourself Your Are Best ……

“Don’t Quit”

Students who last year manged to score well above the cutt off were those who were in battle field till the bell of the second sitting rang.Usually what happens with most of the students is that when they start preparing for JEE they are enthusiastic  but with the passage of time it slowly keeps on  decreasing and the role of final nail is played by 12th board exams.As soon as the the datasheet for exams is out students at once tend towards board preparation, students start feeling low and think they can’t complete the whole JEE syllabus in such a short period of  time,but in reality it is not like this for a good student who has worked well throughout year can easily mange this problem.Students should believe on themselves and should not loose their self confidence.This plays an important role in cracking JEE. Don’t loose heart and just keep the positive attitude you are best and you can make it to cutt off.It is all in mind .

I personally know many students who worked well throughout the year but entered the exam hall with a negative mind set they result was quite obvious they didn’t made it to cutt off,on the other hand  few students who were relatively week in class managed to crack JEE with flying colors because of their attitude.They entered the exam hall with no doubts on their mind and when I asked one of them what was going though your mind he said the only  thing in my  mind was that “It is very Easy, I will Crack with Ease” This positive attitude really helped and he scored  very good AIR rank. So I would say don’t get demotivated you are best you have studied a lot and it is enough to crack JEE .

JEE is a test of your mind set rather than hardwork …..

“Revise More”


Revision is one of the most important aspects of preparation.Revise as much as possible.It helps in two different ways first  by revising anything again and again it shifts to your permanent memory which is very useful.It helps you to quickly recap all your syllabus in a short period after the completion of 12th board exams were students hardly get one or may be two weeks of time.It is really fruitful at that time.The 2nd important role it plays, is that you get a very strong hold on concepts.

Remember how much good you were till your 10th class what was the reason for that it is simply we just had a single book for a single subject so we revised it again and again  resulting in better concepts.We remember every question of our 10 Maths book only because of revisions, same methodology should be followed in  11th and 12th class also.For Example, H.C Verma is a very good book of physics students should first complete this and keep on revising it when ever they get  free time,because at the end you can’t revise all the books,notebooks,modules you need to stick only to one.

It is better to read one book 10 times then to read 10 books one time…





Amardeep Tulla is currently pursuing B-Tech in Electronics and Communication.He is really motivated by Steve Jobs philosophy of creating great end to end products.The only thing that matters to him is Perfection.
He loves writing for different blogs ,playing video games and watching Sci-fi movies in free time.

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