Preparation Tips for JEE Main Physics

Physics for JEE Main

Physics is the most conceptual subject asked in JEE Main. You can excel in Physics required for JEE by first having clarity of concepts and then having a lot of practice. Proper planning and careful execution is the key for good score in the examination.

Time to Devote


Time to grasp the concepts, learn the basic and advanced applications in numerical depends on your learning skill. But an average student should devote 2 to 2.5 hours of regular practice. Focus should be on solving variety of questions instead of solving very difficult questions.


Recommended Books


1. NCERT Physics Books:

physics-JEE MainNCERT is the first and very basic book needed for JEE Main. You should read NCERT line by line and make short note on the book itself for revision. You should also solve exercise and additional exercise questions at the end of each chapter.




2. Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma


Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma is an excellent book for preparation of IIT JEE Examination. Theory given in this book is highly useful for first readers. Each and Every concept has been given proper importance. You must read this book in order to have proper understanding of physics. You should also solve Exercise questions. Questions given in this book are in order of increasing difficulty level so while solving the questions you will also learn much more about the concepts. In one line this book is must for jee preparation.


3. Understanding Physics by D.C. Pandey


Understanding Physics by D.C. Pandey is a series of five books. The books are good collection of questions required for jee practice. The questions are divided Sections for JEE Main and JEE Advance. Each question is unique and you will learn more about variety of questions from this book. Even questions in JEE Advance sections are not that tough so if you aiming for top rank you should also try JEE Advance section. But you should leave Subjective question.


4. Previous Year Questions


Questions particularly concepts are repetitive in JEE Main. You should solve all the Objective questions asked in IIT JEE Screening and JEE Advance. Also questions from JEE Main(Previously AIEEE) should be on your tips






Study Tips


For JEE Main Focus should be on Practice and number of questions rather than depth of the subject still you need to have sound basics. Best way is to solve more and more questions, you should also remember important results which will help you improve speed while solving questions.

Try a self mock test of 1 hour with 30 question with negative marking every week.

Easy Topics

Normally these topics asked in JEE Main are easy

  • Current Electricity
  • Modern Physics
  • Thermodynamic
  • SHM and Waves.

You should have very good preparation of these topics and should attempt all the questions from these topics. This will help you score good even if overall paper of Physics in JEE Main is tough

Wish you best for your preparation.
Saurabh Shrivastava is B.Tech in Computers. He mentors students preparing for JEE Main and Advanced,

He is a passionate person, who loves to read novels, watch movies and write for Dreamiit.


  • Hello sir,
    I went throughout the information that you have given. I gained so much information about JEE-Mains and Advance. Especially the strategies that you have provided are very effective. And it has solved my problems.
    This site is really good and I am thankful that you have created this site.

  • Sir ji keshav here (of 4th batch) I scored 142 in mains…..thankyou sir for teaching me

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