Preparation Tips for JEE Main Chemistry

Chemistry JEE Main

Question Paper of Last 3 Years show that Chemistry is the easiest subject asked in JEE Main Exam.

So giving proper attention to the subject can fetch you more marks and make you capable to score high and gain good rank.

On the basis of difficulty level the paper of JEE Main 2015 can be classified as

  • 40% questions easy
  • 40% questions average
  • 20% questions difficult

In JEE Main 2015 weightage  of Different sections are:

Sections Number of Questions Marks Percentage
Inorganic Chemistry 11 44 36.66%
Organic Chemistry 9 36 30%
Physical Chemistry 10 40 33.33%

It is very clear that questions are asked almost equally from all sections so equal focus should be given to all the sections.

Time to Devote


A normal student aiming to crack jee main should study chemistry for 1.5 to 2 hours daily. As preparation of chemistry require to remember more than in physics and mathematics it is highly important to study chemistry daily.

Recommended books

1. NCERT Chemistry

Ncert Chemistry

NCERT is the best book for JEE Main prepration questions are directly asked from the book. Even you will find questions in examples and exercise of NCERT asked directly in JEE Main Exam.

2. Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry for JEE

Students require to practice physical chemistry well so they need to solve a large number of questions which they can find in O. P. Tandon. This book contains a large number of questions of different difficulty level. For jee Main you will require to solve this book your focus should be on solving large number of questions and gaining basic concepts.

NOTE: You can skip very difficult questions given in the book.

3. Inorganic Chemistry

Ncert Chemistry

For Inorganic chemistry large number of books are available in marked but best among them is NCERT. As Inorganic Chemistry require to mug a large number of equations and formula and reasons. All of them has been compiled very well in NCERT Book.

4. Organic chemistry


Though NCERT is good for variety of questions you need to solve Organic Chemistry by Arihant publication.

5. Previous Year Questions


You need to solve previous year questions of AIEEE and Objective questions of Previous year IITs. This will give you an idea of level of difficulty and some of the questions or concepts used in the question can be repeated in the exam.

How to Study Chemistry for JEE Main

Try to grasp the concepts well focus on understanding the topic and concepts involved. Solve NCERT and Exemplar first, this will give you understanding of the topic and a little bit of speed. Now start with the Arihant Maths book for JEE Main Solve each and every question without devoting much time. If you are not able to solve a question in 10-15 minute see the solution. Try to remember as many results as possible this will give you speed while solving question.

Try a self mock test of 1 hour with 30 question with negative marking every week.

Easy Topics

Normally these topics asked in JEE Main are easy

  • Co-Ordination Compounds
  • Solid State
  • S and P Block Elements
  • Basic Organic Chemistry

You should have very good preparation of these topics and should attempt all the questions from these topics. This will help you score good. Remember Chemistry in JEE Main is generally easiest of all. Attempt is first. Give sufficient time while preparation.

Best of LUCK for Preparation.

Saurabh Shrivastava is B.Tech in Computers. He mentors students preparing for JEE Main and Advanced,

He is a passionate person, who loves to read novels, watch movies and write for Dreamiit.


  • Thanks a lot for your support.
    You mentioned, jee student must have a mentor. I wish, you must be my mentor.
    I am studying in 11th cbse . I am doing self study for jee.

  • Sir plz tell me that jee main will not conducted ib 2018

  • Sir once u taught me physics… I took a year drop to give jee mains again… this time I am getting 220 marks… but sir there is one question in chemistry which I have ticked correct ( 61 of setB)… I have marked 3Rd option but I at first I was marking 4th option and have a slight mark of black pen only on boundary… it covers around 1/4 of boundary… as I have habit of first marking boundary then darkening the circle… so shold i challenge this question as I can get 4 marks… will the board accept my request?? Sir please help me.

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