How to Manage School while Preparing for JEE Main and Advance

School students preparing for jee

Understanding the Difference

Many students find it really difficult to cope up JEE Main and Advanced preparation while managing their school studies. I have heard many students confused between what is being taught in coaching institutes is entirely different from what was taught in their school.

It is really important to understand that thing are same,chapters are same, syllabus is same, approach in school is different from what is required for JEE Main and Advanced.

Most of the students fail to realise that preparation for JEE Main and JEE Advance is complementary to their school topics and can even boost their Performance in Class.

The Actual Problem

The root cause of this seems to be lack of clarity in concepts of the topic. Not to mention that syllabus of JEE and that of school are almost same.

The basic difference is in level or say depth of the topic. For example if we consider “Projectile Motion” in Physics. The topic is same in both school as well as JEE. The difference is depth of the topic. In School you may be asked to derive formula for Projectile Motion, Some basic numerical can be asked. Where as in JEE Mains or Advance questions involving conceptual understanding or application of concepts can be asked.

In my opinion if you have good understanding of the topic, have derived the basic formula and are clear with the concepts you can easily solve questions in JEE and in School as well.

Conclusion or Advice:

(i) Go in depth of the topic, try to comprehend them well,

(iii) Solve as many problems as possible on the topic.

(iv) Focus on Competitive exams. once you are confident on the topic, appear for some test paper.

(v) For School solve some books like

  • NCERT in Chemistry
  • ┬áNCERT / R D Sharma in Maths
  • Pradeep / Comprehensive/ Dinesh in Physics(Only Theoretical Questions)

(vi) You should also go through Derivations for School Exam.

Best of Luck and Happy Preparation

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