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Some questions are very common among students when it comes to JEE Main / JEE Advance Preparation. I am trying to answer a few

1. Which subject to study more ?

All subject have equal weigh in the examination paper so it would be wise to give equal importance to physics, chemistry and mathematics. Most of the students find physics and mathematics more interesting and devote more time to it and focus less on chemistry. But in my opinion if you have 10 hours to study give 3 hours to maths, 3 hours to physics and 4 hours to chemistry because in jee questions of chemistry are relatively easier and you can score more in chemistry by putting little more effort.

2. Best time to study ?

It depends entirely on you. Time and place should be your choice. you may be a morning or evening person. Choose time in which your brain is most active. but 1 month before examination try to study in day only it will help you adapt according to exam timing.

3. How much of sleep ?

A normal teenager require 7-8 hours of sound sleep. It also depend on your sleeping habits and physical and mental health. I feel you should have good comfortable sleep so that you can concentrate in your classroom, focus on problems and concepts rather than feeling dizziness whole day.

4. How to study ?


5. Coaching or self study?

Entirely depends on your studying habits and discipline. Coaching will provide you routine and discipline of study. It may also help in clearing doubts but entire onus is on you, no one can study instead of you.

6. How many hours of study?

For good rank in JEE you need to study a lot. On an average you should study for 6-10 hours (Target: JEE Main) and 8-14 hours (Target: JEE Advance)

7. Recommended Books

I have created separate  page for books. You can visit these.

   Recommended books for JEE Main

   Recommended books for JEE Advance

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Saurabh Shrivastava is B.Tech in Computers. He mentors students preparing for JEE Main and Advanced,

He is a passionate person, who loves to read novels, watch movies and write for Dreamiit.

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