BITSAT: Ideal Time Table & Time Management Tips

BITSAT 2016:Time Management Tips

“Time Management” is one of the skills which when mastered can help you qualify any engineering or medical exam including BITSAT.

Preparing a precise good time table and following it religiously is key to success in BITSAT.

Generally BITSAT aspirants make a daily routine and follow it for few days and forget is very soon, after some days they realize that they had a routine or time table to follow.

Benefits of Time Management for BITSAT Preparation

1. Follow a daily routine: Generally its difficult to follow a routine if you don’t know what to read. Once you have a time table for preparation it will help you know what to study and when to study.

2. Keeps you focused: 2 years of preparation is a long time, to remain focused for such a long time will require some motivation. Making a monthly time table and following it will help you remain focused towards your goal and cut diversions.

3. Equal distribution of time: Most of the time students does’t focus equally on all subjects. I have found that most of engineering aspirants find Chemistry to be boring and give more time to Physics and Mathematics. Where as medical aspirants find Physics to be difficult and devote time to Biology and Chemistry.

As in exam these carry equal weightage so equal time should be devoted to all the subjects whether you like it or not.

Making a time table help you manage bias towards a subject which will ultimately help you achieve your goal of success.

Shailendra Maheshwari, Director of Career Point, says, “Work according to a time table. It is better to have a plan than not to have any at all”.

 BITSAT 2016: What ideal time table should Contain?

1. Equal weightage to all three subjects irrespective of your likes and dislikes.

2. Focus on important chapters. Not all chapters are equally important for BITSAT, it should focus on important chapters but should not leave out other chapters.

3. A good time table should be practical and  one should be able to follow it. Making a daily time table of 15 hours a day is not practical and not required for BITSAT. Make a plan that can be followed. Ideally it should be of 6-8 hours a day.

4. It should take care of immediate needs like weekly tests in school or unit test in school which may require revision.

BITSAT 2016: What it should look like ?

Time Table Time Management Tips

This is a sample monthly time table a daily time table should be made like this.

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