How to Prepare for JEE main 2015 after Board Exam

Most of the board exams will end in last week of February 2015 leaving almost 15 days for JEE Main

Jee main is a tough competitive exam as number of aspirants is close to 10-12 lakhs which is highest number of any admission test in india. So JEE Main is a throat cutting competition in which even a difference of 0.5 marks can create a difference of 2000-3000 ranks. So adopting a proper strategy for preparation and attempting the Jee mains question paper is imperative.

Revision Strategy for JEE Main
Let me be very clear 15 days are for revision and not sufficient for Jee main preparation. As you have appeared for class 12 board examination it may be assumed that you have better grip over class 12 syllabus and your class 11 syllabus need to be revised well. So divide your time based on your grip of syllabus of class 11 and 12. If you think you are good grip over your class 12 syllabus devote most of the time on class 11 topics. For example if you are studying for 10 hour a day you can devote 6-7 hours to class 11 topics and rest to class 12 topics. Don’t leave class 12 topics completely you need to be in touch with them.

Revision Strategy for JEE Main Physics
In Physics for JEE Main revise only those concept which you are have studied well when you were in class 11. For Example if you have not touched Waves previously don’t try to do that in this period. Read only those books or study material which you have already done don’t try anything new. Try to solve as much questions as possible. Your time in revising theory should be only 15-20% of the total time.

Revision Strategy for JEE Main Chemistry
You will need to adopt different approach for revising Physical, Organic and Inorganic chemistry. In physical chemistry approach should be same as that in physics. Devote less time to theory and practice more and more questions.
In Inorganic chemistry you will need to improve your rote skill, mug as much as possible. If mugging puzzles you even then you should have command over NCERT Inorganic portion which is highly important in JEE Mains. Inorganic revision should be done more than once and just before day of examination.

Approach for Organic Chemistry is combination of both you need to revise concepts , mechanism and remember certain exceptions too.
NCERT book is good for JEE Main Chemistry Section.

Revision Strategy for JEE Main Maths

You need to revisit your Maths copy look for different types of questions asked in Jee mains or other entrance examinations. Try to resolve those questions without any help from copy. Don’t try any new book. Have confidence in what ever you have previously done.

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