GRAVITATIONAL WAVE The news about the discovery of gravitational waves  which Albert Einstein originally purposed 100 years ago  is  trending on all social networks. Thousands of comments are coming from all over the world.Here we have the top comments:   Who Said What: ‘We proved Einstein right!’ 100 years on, gravitational waves confirmed in breakthrough research “Ladies and gentelman, we have […]

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BITSAT: Ideal Time Table & Time Management Tips

BITSAT 2016:Time Management Tips “Time Management” is one of the skills which when mastered can help you qualify any engineering or medical exam including BITSAT. Preparing a precise good time table and following it religiously is key to success in BITSAT. Generally BITSAT aspirants make a daily routine and follow it for few days and forget is very soon, after some […]

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BITSAT 2016: Self Study Tips Without Coaching

Some students prefer coaching for BITSAT preparation while some doesn’t. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Here you will find Self Study Tips  for BITSAT without Coaching. BITSAT Self-Study Tips #1 Study in short, frequent sessions. studying in short but frequent sessions are better than studying straight for 5 hours to 8 hours? And so, avoid stressing out yourself to study […]

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