BITSAT 2016: Self Study Tips Without Coaching

Some students prefer coaching for BITSAT preparation while some doesn’t. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Here you will find Self Study Tips  for BITSAT without Coaching.

BITSAT Self-Study Tips #1

Study in short, frequent sessions.

studying in short but frequent sessions are better than studying straight for 5 hours to 8 hours?

And so, avoid stressing out yourself to study the whole day because you are putting to much pressure on your mind. Instead, allot an in between short break or mind relaxation to give time for your brain to absorb what you have read.  Sipping a cup of tea or a cup of coffee once in a while when you are reviewing for your exam is actually helpful to your mind.

source: Study Skill Blog

BITSAT Self-Study Tips #2

Work Really Hard & Stay Motivated.

BITSAT Preparation Tips: Hard Work

There is no Substitute of hard work. Study as much as possible. Having no coaching have disadvantages which you can overcome only through hard work. So don’t just sit & think about it study for 10-12 hours a day on week offs and 6-7 hours on regular school going days. One of the common problem that not coaching institutes face is lack of regularity so they loose hope and become demotivated.

BITSAT Self-Study Tips #3

Study Only Standard Study Material

Many Student out of curiosity purchase a lot of books and scan from one book to one book without achieving anything out of it.

So my advice is to refer to only good known study material of good publication or coaching institutes. Don’t try anything or everything new. Just focus on basics, clear your concepts, solve a lot of questions and attempt a lot of practice papers or sample papers. For list of best books for BITSAT preparation visit:

Best books for BITSAT Preparation

BITSAT Self-Study Tips #4

Make a time table and follow it religiously

Most of the time we make time table with precision up to 15 minutes but doesn’t follow it more than a few days.

Make a practical time table for BITSAT preparation. Try to make it as practical as possible still you should be able to follow it.

It is always a wise idea to make a daily time table depending on the available time that day. 10 minutes for planning your study will help you follow the routine and keep you charged and you can always change it according to your needs.

Also daily routine should have section for percentage of time devoted to time allocated.

BITSAT Self-Study Tips #5

Make a Revision plan

Revision is an important part of any preparation, candidates serious about their BITSAT preparation should make a separate revision plan.

It is advised to allocate some time daily for revision. I would suggest students to reserve 2 hours daily for revision.

Revision for better performance

The more you revise the more you are firm in the theory and concepts.

The best way to revise Physics, Maths and Physical Chemistry for BITSAT is to solve numerical.

BITSAT Self-Study Tips #6

Practice, Practice, Practice

In BITSAT you will get almost 42 seconds to read a question, understand it, Solve it and mark the correct answer. As the time is very less practice of a lot of question will give you added advantage over other aspirants.

So my advice is to solve a lot of questions from a good source on daily basis. The more you will practice the time required to solve a question will decrease and your performance in actual BITSAT exam will increase.

It is also a good idea to solve one BITSAT sample paper daily in time limit after your board exam. Introspection after the test will help you improve your results further.

BITSAT Self-Study Tips #7

Emphasis on important topics

Emphasis on important chapters in BITSATIn BITSAT not all topics are equally important so it is essential to focus on important topics and chapters. But you should keep in mind that your preparation should be at such a level that you should be able to solve easy question from all chapters and questions of medium and high difficulty level from the chapters you are good at.

For list of Important Topics in BITSAT visit: BITSAT Important Chapters

BITSAT Self-Study Tips 8

Devote some time for English and Logical Reasoning


Paper pattern of BITSAT is different from other engineering entrance exams. English and logical reasoning questions are asked in BITSAT. So a serious aspirant of BITSAT can not neglect importance of these sections.

So devote some time for English and Logical Reasoning (I would recommend for 2 hrs a week).



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