Best Books of Organic Chemistry JEE Main & Advanced

Find list of Best books Organic Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced Preparation with pros and cons present in each book.

Weightage of Organic Chemistry is 30-40% of the total Chemistry Paper in JEE Main and Advanced. Most of the students who are generally good in Physics, Maths and Physical Chemistry find it difficult. It is due to the different type of approach need for Organic Chemistry. In order to master organic chemistry visit:

Preparation Tips to Master Organic Chemistry.

#1 Best books of Organic Chemistry for JEE Main and AdvancedBest Organic Chemistry books for JEE Main and Advanced 1

NCERT Chemistry for Class 11th and 12th:

It is really a great book to start with. Particularly for Organic Chemistry. The colored diagrams given in the NCERT book makes it special. you should read this book word by word as things are written in very concise manner. Simple reading will not help as many things has been inferred upon and you should pause between the lines to clearly understand it.

It will be a good idea to make a separate notebook for NCERT Chemistry. You should use highlighter to highlight important lines and revise them often to remember it.

Questions are directly asked from NCERT in JEE Main so undoubtedly it is the best book for JEE Main Preparation.

Recently Arihant publication published a book named “Master the NCERT”. This is an excellent book series. Questions have been created from each and every line of the NCERT Book. This book along with NCERT can help you score good in JEE Main Examination.

link of books on amazon:

Master The NCERT: Chemistry – Vol. 1
Master The NCERT: Chemistry – Vol. 2

Questions given in the exercise of NCERT are also important so you must solve and revise them properly before the exam. You can find solutions of the Questions in following books:

link of books on amazon:

NCERT Solutions: Chemistry Class 11th
NCERT Solutions: Chemistry Class 12th

#2 Best books of Organic Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced

Organic Chemistry by L G Wade Pearson Publication: 

This is the best book of organic chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced preparation. This book is meant for self study.  L G Wade starts from basics and extends upto advanced level. It is advised to solve in-text questions and understanding details involved in them.

Mechanism of reactions which is most important for competitive exams has been explained well in the book.

Though the book is not designed for JEE aspirants, it definitely serves the purpose. Do cover the book thoroughly. Practice a lot of questions in order to have a command in Organic Chemistry.

You can’t get a better book for Organic Chemistry.

Caution: Keep in mind that some topics that are in jee syllabus but not in LG wade are to be covered from other sources

Amazon Link for L G Wade:

Organic Chemistry by L G Wade 

#3 Best books of Organic Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced

Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd:

This is an extremely useful book for beginners. Things have been discussed in elaborate manner in simple language with explanations based on reaction mechanism. Which is the suggested method to study organic chemistry for JEE main and advanced. You can say this book is “H C Verma” of organic chemistry.

The only problem with this book is its size. It is voluminous. Almost 1/3 or the book is not for JEE syllabus. So It would be recommended to get content filtered before starting with the content. Still it is one of the best books for JEE Main and Advanced preparation.

Amazon Link to the book

Organic Chemistry: Study Guide Morrison and Boyd

#4 Best books of Organic Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced

Organic Chemistry by Solomons and Fryhle Best books for Organic Chemistry JEE Main and Advanced

Easy to read with lot of questions to practice solomons is a very good book for JEE aspirants. Some of the topics were not in JEE syllabus but now with adaptation by M.S. Chouhan you need not to worry about it.

It has a separate section for mechanism of reactions. Many students and teachers recommend this book as it has been found useful by them. Some of them find it more helpful than J D Wade and Morrison Boyd.

All Extra unnecessary topics has been deleted still some topics are missing. So you will need to check these topics from some other book.

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