Analysis of JEE Main 2016 Paper Physics, Chemistry Maths

Analysis of JEE Main 2016With JEE Main over on 3rd April 2016 we need to analyse question paper to get an insight of difficulty level and topic wise distribution of question of JEE Main 2016.

Analysis of JEE Main 2016 Paper Physics

The most important topic in JEE Main 2016 Physics paper was modern physics from which 8 questions were asked. From Mechanics also 8 questions were asked.

Topic Number of Questions
Mechanics 8 Questions
Fluid Mechanics No Question
SHM and Waves 2 Questions
Electromagnetism 6 Questions
Optics 3 Questions
Modern Physics 8 Questions
Heat and Thermodynamics 2 Questions

Difficulty Level Analysis: Physics

Easy 9 Questions
Average 12 Questions
Difficulty 9 Questions

Analysis of JEE Main 2016 Paper Maths

Over all the Maths paper of JEE Main 2016 was of medium difficulty level. Some (2) questions were controversial and the paper was over all calculative. Algebra was the most important topic for the exam from with 10 questions were asked followed by calculus from which 9 questions were asked.

Topic Number of Questions
Algebra 10 Questions
Calculus 9 Questions
Co-Ordinate Geometry 5 Questions
Trignometry 1 Questions
Vectors & 3D 3 Questions
Height and Distance 1 Question
Statistics 1 Question


Difficulty Level Analysis : Maths

Easy 9 Questions
Average 15 Questions
Difficulty 6 Questions

Analysis of JEE Main 2016 Paper Chemistry

Over all the paper of chemistry was easy some questions were informative and you needed to remember data so they can be considered to be difficult. The paper was highly distributed and questions were asked from almost all chapters. The number of questions from inorganic chemistry was 11, followed by 10 questions from physical and organic chemistry.

Topics Number of Questions
Mole Concept 1 Question
Redox 1 Question
Chemical Equilibrium 1 Question
Chemical Kinetics 1 Question
Solid State 1 Question
Atomic Structure 1 Question
Gaseous State 1 Question
Ionic Equilibrium 0 Question
Electro Chemistry 0 Question
Surface Chemistry 1 Question
Total Physical 10 Questions
Total Organic 9-10  Questions
Total Inorganic 10-11 Questions


Difficulty Level Analysis : Chemistry

Easy 18 Questions
Average 7 Questions
Difficulty 5 Questions


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